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draznic's Journal

Hi, my names Dan and I am currently enrolled at Northwest Missouri State University majoring in Public Relations. I'm usually a very calm, serious, collected, mature, straight forward person. But if I know you then I let the real me show and the real me is an insecure, scared, goofy, funny guy who likes to have a good time and loves to be the center of attention. I think of myself as incredably smart, stylishly funny and smooth, and I guess I'm some what self confident. I love pepsi, books, movies, intelligent yet random deep conversation. I hate questions and people in general because most people are stupid. I love walking in the snow and then looking back on my tracks. I love to stand and run in the rain. I love depressing things like sad music, rainy days, and sad and depressed people. I belive that the truth can set you free from any kind of bond. It can create new worlds and destroy old ones, its what makes us and breaks us all at the same time. I believe reading is ignored by most and that is one of the failures of society, reading is a way to escape your problems and worries and a way to calm your nerves expand your vocabulary, and make you into a better smarter more intelligent person. Ignorance is stupid and the quote what doesnt kill you only makes you stronger is the most stupid quote I've ever heard, because a car accident can leave you brain dead, and paralized but still alive so therefore your no stronger than you were before it happened. I over analize things and think things over and over react and make myself crazy with thoughts that arent real. I can be insane and sane at the exact same second and i have a unique style in everything I do, and say. I love to play mind games and start little mental battles with people and if they get mad then I win, its weird. I freak out over little things that don't really matter, I try to be who everyone wants me to be when I'm with them and I have a million different masks that I wear and nobody sees my real face so to speak. Friends to me aren't improtant because friends don't last they betray and leave eventually and it hurts to much to allow ones self to be exsposed in that manner. Independance and freedom are the same yet know one realizes that. I have OCD with certain things and I love to hear my own voice. I'm one of a kind and my names Dan.

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